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A Women Assaulted By a Policeman

The problems that Sri lankan women have to face in public roads was mostly talked about during the last few months.

The video of a girl in Wariyapola who assaulted a guy saying that he made fun of her, being famous through out the internet was the reason for this. Another video just as that is already famous through out the internet right now.

It is about an event that was occurred at the
Rathnapura bus stand.
But in this event the woman was assaulted. Although the reason for this assaulution is not yet found, this case becomes a lot popular because the man who assaulted this woman is said to be a policeman.

The police man grabs the woman's hair and assaults her with a pole like object while the woman keeps saying that she did not do anything wrong.
But we also got the video of the policeman assaulting the woman without caring about any of her words, in a very inhuman way.

A young man that was there during the incident had recorded the scene and that video can be found below..


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