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The 3 Breasted Women Had Put a Young Man In to The Dog Cage

You may remember the woman named Aliza Sailer who was a lot famous through out the internet due to having three breasts.

But during the last few days it was revealed that these breasts were artificial, due to finding an artificial three breast wear while checking her bag. Before this incident ends she had got another complain.
This 18 year old young man named Michel Skuvir complained towards her saying that she kept him as a slave for sex.

He also have complained that she used a knife to carve her name on his chest. He had said with great sorrow that she put him into a dog cave after that and locked him up in it. These two have had a relationship for a few weeks and the boy had separated from her due to her bothering.

While questioning the girl she had said that she does not know the guy and that he's trying to complain her after carving the name on his chest by himself.


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