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A Heroin Dealer Gets Murdered

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The Murders Had Come From A Luxurious Car And Had Murdered The Heroin Dealer In Public

A man named sampath sandaruwan of 39 years old had been killed yesterday (30) morning, near a laundry in dematagoda, weluwana area and the police said that this man who lived in the dematagoda 63 place had got complains about illegal alcoholic faults before this.

Some people who had come from a luxurious motor vehicle had killed this heroin dealer by cutting the neck in the public and it reports that this heroin dealer named sudu, had been arrested for some time due to this heroin business and had been released on the day before yesterday (29). While he was waiting near the laundry for the clothes to be ironed and ready, a black colour motor car had come and stopped their.

 A person who got down from the car had cut the neck of sampath sandaruwan with a very sharp tool and had run away in front of hundreds of people. This person who got seriously ingered had died after admitting to the hospital. Yet, it has not been revealed about the people who is involved to this murder.


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