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The Value Of The House Is 9 Lakhs

The House Which Was Built Giving 9 Lakhs, Was Presented To The Children'S Doctor Ms.Vineetha Ranjani Gunawardhana, Who Lived Alone With Animals In A Lonely Official House In Araganwila, Kajuwaththa Area ,By The Health Minister Mr. Maithripala Sirisena Yesterday (26).

 The Hosing And Construction Minister Mr. Vimal Veerawansha Has Taken The Priority To Build This House.

Dr. Vineetha Ranjani Who Lived In Colombo 07, Had Taken The Medical Degree After Entering The Colombo Medical Faculty And Had Worked As A Doctor Under The Staff Of Dr.P.R.Anthony.

She Had Joined The Mahaweli Authority During 1980 And Had Worked As A Doctor In Mahaweli "C" And "D" Zones After Coming To Girandurukotte.

She Who Got Married To A Dentist Had Lived Alone After Her Husband'S Death.

She Had Gone Pension From The Mahaweli Authority  And Had Kept Dogs And Cats As Pets In Her House After That.


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