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A Model Dances Without Clothes

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Nude Dancing due To Wining

During a football game of Australia,a model removes her clothes due to the happiness of the victory.

It is reported that during this game which was held in the Melbourne cricket ground,the 26 year old model named Heather McCartney had removed her clothes and cheered loud due to the reason that the team she supported had one.
She who danced around nudely on the ground, had tried to get onto a window of the
ground while the police had blown the whistle and stopped her.Also later on she had got the complain about behaving in an indecent way in
front the public and had stayed under arrested for a day.Then she
had been released after paying a fine of 160 Euros.

After being released she had apologized for what she did and also had said that she is not regretting what she did.


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