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Has Killed 39 People

The Brazil police had managed to capture the 26 year old Brazilian murderer named Thiyago Henry K Gomas De Rocha, who made the whole Brazil afraid by killing 39 people including 16 women.

The people who were close to Rocha who lived as a security guard with his mother have not believed that he was a murderer.

Some how, the police group that was appointed to do researches about the murders that occurred day by day in the area called Goiania that Rocha lived in, has managed to capture him.

The police found out that Rocha was driving a motor bike which he stole at the moment he got caught and trials were being carried out at the moment against him for trying to steal the number plate of that vehicle, while it was parked near a super market during January 2014.

 After being arrested Rocha has confessed that he killed people even by shooting while driving the motor bike he stole. Rocha has killed two young girls by shooting them with a gun inside a park during this year. Other than that he has killed some of the people who were living in the street near his house by gun shotting them.

Further more Rocha has confessed to the police that he did all these murders to get rid of the loneliness that he felt inside his heart.


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