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Water Attacks From The Police

The security sector had to attack the Sabaragamuwa university students with high pressured water, to take the higher studies Minister Mr.S.B.Dissanayake who was attending an opening ceremony of the university to go in, as the students showed objections towards him by blocking the Pambahinna road.

The students showed their objections on the road that lead to the university near the Pambahinna
junction and the situation became more clamorous due to the minister getting off the vehicle and asking the students "what do you all want?"  At this moment the students hooted and even said passages to show their objections.

The deputy minister Mr. Nandimithra Ekanayake also attended the ceremony. The students also asked to remove the prohibitory of the chief students association. When the students shouting increased the security sector took steps to take the minister back to the vehicle.

Then, due to the students blocking the gates of the university the vehicles of the minister and his people could not enter the university. The police attacked the students with high pressured water during this moment.

Then the students dispersed and about 8 vehicles including the vehicle with the minister and his people entered the university. Then the minister attended the keeping of an initial brick, an opening of a new building and also a ceremony at the university. He stayed inside the university for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

While the students kept on showing objections near the Pambahinna junction the police took steps to take the minister and his people from the Balangoda,Kapugala road. The minister who came into the university from the front side went back from a sub road at the backside of the university. The student association of the Sabaragamuwa university says that six students that got small damages due
to battern and water attacks took private medicines


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