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Missing Just Like The Before Occasion

The Film Frozen River, Was First Screened On The Year Of 2008. Mist Upham  Did A Main Role In This Film, Which Brought A Story About A Fearful Crime. She Is A Very Famous Actress.

 In The Past Day, The Hollywood Reported That This Super Actress Was Missing. What She Had Called And  Told Her Parents Before Missing, Is That She Is Going To Suicide.

 Charles, Who Was Mist Upham'S Father Had Advertised In Many American News Papers, Saying That His 32 Year Old Daughter Is Missing From The 6th Of This Month.

She Was Living Separately From Her Parents, In A House At The Obran Housing Complex In Washington.

The Policemen Who Inspected Her House Had Found Out That She Had Taken All Her Clothing's And Her Other Stuff With Her.

Her Father Has Further Explained, That His Daughter Had A Habit Of Meditating,Which She Had Not Done Recently. He Also Mentioned, That She Showed Very Unusual Characteristics After That.

The Police Who Is Investigating This Case Have Said That Mist Had Been Missing Before Also In Many Occasions.

They Have Further Said, That All Those Times Too, What She Had Called And Told Her Parents Is That She Was Going To Suicide.


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