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Has Married Alone

 A news about a woman getting married to herself after searching for a perfect life partner for 6 years, has been reported from London.

This 31 year old woman ,who is a film director has waited for 6 years for a perfect life partner.

But, as she did not find anyone who was like the person that she wished for, she have decided to get married to herself. It also reports that she took a very charm wedding ceremony for this  purpose and that there were only around 50 friends of her in the wedding. She who was dressed as the bride in this ceremony has even worn a ring to herself.

Foreign news further reports that she has given a small treat to the people who was gathered for the ceremony and that the people have gathered and dispersed happily. This young woman named Grace Gurden has mentioned that she took this decision by working according to the famous singer Bjork's song named "I'm Isobel, married to myself".


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