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The Fiance Is Being Suspected 

A student of the Kelaniya university, who was expecting for an external degree has been killed on the 17th by a man who attacked her with a knife, while she was at home.

 The man had attacked for about 18 places of her body with the knife and the girl had died on the same place. A girl of 24 years old named Chathurika Jayani, who lived in Weralugampola,Mandawala,Kirindiwela area had died in this manner.

It reports that, at the moment of the incident the girl was alone in the house, as her parents were out. A man of about 60 years old ,who was said to be a relation of her, that lived in her neighborhood, had run into the house as he heard the girl scream. At that moment, the suspected person had also attacked the old man with the knife to some places and had run away.

The wounded old man, who was seriously damaged was taken to the Radawana Paryantha hospital and later was sent to the I.C.U. unit of the Wathupitiwala Main hospital ,for further medications.The Kirindiwela police is doing inspections to find out the suspected person, who is involved to this murder. The police suspects, that the person who murdered the girl could be her fiance.


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