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Even Though Warned Twice The People Had Refused To Leave

The national building research institute says that the people in the koslanda,miriyabedda area that faced a very dangerous earth slip had refused to leave their residences even though they were asked to do so twice, before this.

The chorologist of this earth slip investigation, mr. Gamini jayathissa said that the national building research institute had warned the people in this area twice during 2005 and 2012 ,saying that the area  was not suitable to live in due the risk of earth slips.

He further said, that news about the people getting warned to leave their residences as soon as possible by the disaster management center and the people refusing to leave, was received.

Also the district secretory council and the provincial secretory council has informed the building research institute, that even though optional lands had been given to these people, they had refused to leave.

The national building institute reports also show, that the koslanda area had faced earth slips during the years 1993,1997 and 2002 as well.


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