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The People Who Stole Goes To The Muster  Today.

3 suspects that was found by the kompanyavidiya police for stealing a motor bike of rupees 36 lakhs, which belonged to the police is to be sent to jail until the 13th and afterwards on the same day to an identification muster by the orders of the acting magistrator Jayantha Dias Nanayakkara, after being sent to the kotuwa magistrate court.

3 suspects named Madushan Velagedara, Prabhath Sanjeewa Kumara and Sumith Shinma Adikaram has been set to jail in this manner.

These 3 suspects has stolen a motor bike that belonged to the Kompanyawidiya motor vehicle unit while it was parked at the Mallay street on the 2nd of this month.Afterwards the particular motor Bike has fallen down on the A.R.Vijewardhana road with one suspect in it and the people around has informed this to the Kompanyawidiya police.The police has arrested this suspect and arrested the rest with the information given by him.


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