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Had Killed And Then Later Had Also Raped

A news about a 17 year old student killing a kindergarden teacher and raping her afterwards,has been reported from the peradeniya,kiribathkumbura area.

 The police media statements unit said, that this 74 year old teacher has been killed by the suspect, due to an over going of an exchange of harsh words between them.

They further explains, that the student had scolded the teacher for some reason and then the student had killed the teacher by squeezing her neck and  then later had raped her, due to his anger getting increased.

Unofficial news states, that the reason for this murder is, the teacher saying stuff to this boy even on roads about taking money from her and not paying them back. First, the student has killed the teacher and then, as her body was uncovered at the moment, he has later raped her.


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