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Car To Sri Lanka

The Lamborghini Veneno motor car that was introduced by the Lamborghini company during the other day, have Become very popular among people in Sri Lanka these days due to the fact that a Sri Lankan is among the 3 people who bought this motor car.

This Sri Lankan named Antoin Dominic is a motor car businessmen and he is 51 years old. This Lamborghini car has been made by using 75% of carbon fiber and the sheets of this car is know as less weight bucket sheets. This carbon type used is known as Carbon skin. They have used less weight bucket sheets for this car, so that it will not effect the speed of the 

The external look of this car also has an arrow shape so that there will not be any disturbance from the wind to it while driving fast. This car has 4 silencers and also contains an engine of 6.5 liter V12. It is reported that this car which has an engine capacity of 750 horse powers is about 50 billion Sri Lankan rupees. 

Some how the foreign news says that many people are looking forward to buy this car for an increased amount from the Sri Lankan who bought it. This is because only the people that are given permission by the Lamborghini company can buy this car



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