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The Fiancee Dies

It reports that a school girl in Galgamuwa area of 16 years old, has been killed by an attack done by her fiance with a knife.

Information have not yet been revealed ,whether the reason for this murder is a break up in their love affair.

Some how, another young girl who was there during the incident have said that, before attacking with the knife the fiance had given a letter to his fiancee to read.

It further reports that the moment she has stood up from where she was sitting and had tried to walk away, when the fiance suddenly took out a knife and attacked her neck.

A school girl of 16 years old named Kavindi Sadushani Fernando who lived in Giribawa,Orugala,Saliya Ashokapura had been murdered in this manner. She was studying in grade 11 of the Saliya Ashokapura,Sirimapura college.

After this incident, the fiance had also tried to hang himself on a tree in front of the house, while his effort has failed due to the rope breaking down. It further reports that by now, the suspected young man has been arrested by the
police .


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