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The Kovil Priest Gets Arrested

A kovil priest of an Ishwara kovil in Halawatha, munneshwara was arrested yesterday (22) by the Halawatha police, due to a complain about reconstructing the kovil which was built in a land that belonged to the archaeological department ,without the permission of the archaeological department.

The priest named Sarveshar Aiyar Padmanabha,who worked as a helping priest at the Munneshwara, Ishwara kovil,was arrested in this way.This Ishwara kovil that is situated in Munneshwara, Halawatha has a history of about 2300 years.

It says in the history that, the present constructions of this kovil was done about 630 years before, during the Parakramabahu era. The government have said, by issuing a gazette on the 23rd of September 2009, that the Ishwara kovil in Munneshwara is an archaeological. So that it was said to take the permission of the archaeological department for doing any reconstructions inside the kovil. But the kovil priests have recently taken steps to reconstruct a god's palace in the Munneshwara Ishwara kovil. After the archaeological department got the complain about this, they have ordered to stop the construction immediately,but without considering their orders, the priests have continued the constructions.

The Halawatha police informs, that the main priest of this kovil is to be arrested. These arrestments have been done according to the orders of the director general of the archaeological
department, Mr.Senerath Dissanayake ,while the Halawatha police will be doing further researches on this matter.


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