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The Incident That Occurred To Jennifer Due To Selfies

The popular actress Jennifer  Lawrence says that stealing someone else's nude and half nude selfies and uploading them in other sites, could be considered as a sexual crime.

She also says that stealing selfies from some one's mobile is not only a robbery but using them for other purposes could be a sexual crime.

She even mentioned, that not only the people who stole the selfies but the people who watch them and the people who share them with others through internet are also criminals.

Nude selfies of many hHollywoodstars including Jennifer Lawrence were stolen during the past few days while they were stored in their Apple mobile phones under the icloud facility.

 These pictures were found while they were uploaded to the website named 4chan and during the past day these pictures were also added to Jennifer Lawrence's Wikipedia page.

It reports that these actresses also has sued against the Apple company and the Google company.


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