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The Sister Of The Mother Buries The Infant

The Kuliyapitiya police said, that a news about a woman who lived in a broom making factory burring a child in a place close to her house ,has been reported.

They also said that they got this news on Saturday the 25,while it had happened on Friday the 24th.

 The woman suspected as the child's mother is having medications at the Kuliyapitiya main hospital now. A woman who was to have a baby, had come to her sister's house at a broom making factory in Kuliyapitiya, from Kandalama Dambulla area where she lived in ,about 4 days ago. This child has been born on Friday (24) while this woman went to the toilet.

 She has been admitted to the hospital after cutting off the child's umbilical cord. The child has been buried by the woman's sister who lived in this house. The child's body was to be taken out today (26) according to an order of the Kuliyapitiya magistrate. The Kuliyapitiya police says that inspections are to be done on whether the child was dead while delivering or whether the child was killed and buried.


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