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The Love Story Begins Again

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Justin And Selena 
Gets-together Again

During the past few days, news about the love affair of the super young singing couple Justine and Selena was reported as shinig stars. They both who were once in love broke up within a few days.

Then again they Gets-together up after forgetting all the problems between them, but they broke up again. Due to this reason their love became a joke to some of the people. The Justin - Selena love story which was given a full stop during the last few days has got life again.

During the past week the news from Hollywood came saying that Selena met Justin with some of her good friends and spent some hours with him.There Selena has said to one of her friends that Justin was the most straight forward man that she had ever met.A close friend of Selena has said these words "Justine likes to have fun with other girls too. But Selena told me,although Justin did all that, he was the only man who was that close to her.

 Selena was close to many popular male and female singers.But she said Justin was the best from all of them. Specially the popular singer Tailer Swift was Selena's best friend. But she was not even a little sattisfied with her".


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