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Have also removed and taken away her ear rings while running away

4 men who were hiding after sexually abusing an old woman of 80 years old, by getting into her house while she was alone, has been got caught by the Pulasthipura and Pettah police. It has been revealed that the main suspect of this incident is a soldier that had run away from the army.

 All the 4 men who were arrested had been living in Polonnaruwa B.O.P. 316 Thalpotha area. The police had found them,while they had stolen the ear rings that the old woman was wearing and sold them for Rs.6000 ,after sexually abusing  her seriously.

 It also had been revealed through police researches, that they had used those money for drinking alcohol. The old woman who was a mother of six children, that got abused seriously, is admitted to the hospital now for medications.


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