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The Two Girls Who Joined ISIS

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The Gorilla Madness

It reports that the lives of two Australian school girls,who left everything behind to join the ISIS gorilla are in danger.

These girls of 17 and 15 years old has written that they are joining the ISIS gorilla and had run away from their homes on the month of April These girls who has a Bosnian origin has write that they were going to die in the name of Allah.

It reports that afterwards they have got married to  ISIS gorilla Afterward ISIS gorilla has even made a number of posters using these girls to make his young army strong.

After they ran away the security sector has payed much attention on their Facebook accounts and as they have mentioned now they seem to be wanting to come back to their homes.

It also reports that one of these two girls are pregnant. It was mentioned in another report that one of them was killed about a month before.

Some how it reports that the security sector who says that these girls cannot be socialized again, puts barriers for the girls being able to come home.


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