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The Murder In Wariyapola

According to the confession done to the Wariyapola police by the Wariyapola, Minuwangeta wife who killed her husband, the dead body of her husband is to be taked out today 16th from the place that she hid it underground by the Wariyapola magistrate and the Kurunegala judicial doctor.

The person who was killed was a father of 3 children of age 51 named H.Thilakarathne from Wariyapola, Minuwangeta,Wissa area, while his wife who was arrested as the suspect for the murder was a woman of 46 years old from Heiyanthuduwa named Padmalatha.

Padmalatha had paniced while the neighbors of them tried to dig a place near their house, due to a suspicion occurred to them as Thilakarathne who lived in the house was not to be seen from a long time.

The neighbors who suspected her for this, has reported it to the Wariyapola police and afterward she has been arrested and questioned about this. She has confessed that her husband comes home drunken every day and troubles her and she killed him and hid him underground behind the house as she could not take his annoying any more. The Wariyapola police is carrying out investigations on this case.


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