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A Prostitution Center Carried Out As A Massage Center From Anuradhapura

During the past few days news was reported about catching prostitution centers from different parts of the island. Most of these were carried out as massage centers.

 Another news about capturing a prostitution center from anuradhapura area has been reported to us.

The managing woman and a woman who worked in this center was caught by the anuradhapura police abuse suppressing unit and thealcohol capturing division during yesterday night. This center which was situated near the anuradhapura d.S.Senanayaka school near the 3rd step,samadhi ground has been captured in this manner by putting a group member of the police according to a complain got by the anuradhapura police.

The police who did the capturing says that even though this was carried out as an aurwedic massage center there wasn't any legal document or any doctor in it. The police has revealed that a lot of women is engaging in prostitution at this center during day time.


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