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A Rain Of Gems To Lunugala

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A Huge Tree Fallen From The Root With The Gem Rain

People have become impatient because of a gossip that spread ed about gems falling with the rain to lunugala area yesterday (18) at about 11.30 a.M. Our reporter mentioned that people picked up some gems that was fallen through out the ground from the lunugala police till the hopton place, kanchana street which was situated about 5 kilo meters away from it.

Gem businessmen says that these gems that were in colours such as blue, red, yellow and green are belonging to the kirinchi,gomeda,pandiyan species.With this situation a huge tree has fallen from the root itself blocking the road and some people say that the falling of the tree and the falling of gems with rain is a mystery.

Some how it was revealed from an investigation done that these gems were fallen while they were being carried away from a vehicle. The lunugala police said that these gems might have fallen while they were being taken away from a vehicle.


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