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Prasad Deneth Had Passed Away From The Koslanda Earth Slip

Prasad dineth who was a television artist and also a singer of the new generation had also died from the dangerous earth slip that occurred in the koslanda, miriyabedda area.

 His mother dr. Krishanthi dammika was the family doctor in this place and their family had lived in that official house.Praad's elder brother was a father of a six month old child while they also had lived in this same house.

Although prasad worked in Colombo he had gone to his house on that day taking leave. The earth quake has occurred on his leave day while he was at home and all the others except for his father from his family had died from this. His father mr.S. Yogaraja's life has been saved as he had gone out for work at 4.00 a.M on that day.He worked atthe pelwaththa sugar company.


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