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Anarkali Plans To Take Her Wedding In America

There's a saying that even though dressing up is done secretly the dance should be done in public. A popular actress as well as a politician of us is secretly getting ready for a very private and important thing in her life.

 This actress is non other than Anarkali Akarsha who is in abroad at the moment. She did't leave to America for a tour but for her own wedding. Even though it is a surprise it's true. Anarkali's to be husband is living in America even though he is a Sri Lankan. People who know about this coming up marriage says that Anarkali had reasonable reasons to go to America and plan her wedding secretly. 

Some how Anarkali will become a wife before the end of this year. The people who know information about this also says that even though the wedding is to be held in America many Sri Lankan's are participating for this wedding. Specially many people who provide wedding services necessary for the wedding seems to be ready to fly to America for her wedding already. 

No matter what the political background of Anarkali is like she is still one of the actresses that became famous by entertaining the fans. So that her name cannot be erased from the actresses list of Sri Lanka easily. Also we are unable to if she would stay permanently in America after her wedding. That decision is in her hand. But Anarkali says that she will be coming to Sri Lanka after her wedding with her husband and also that she would make her fans surprised at the air port. We are also anxious to see her new husband. Anarkali We wish you all the best even though you are taking this wedding in America separated from your close ones. 


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