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Mr.Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe Disgusts The Attempts Of The Government

The jathika hela urumaya says that the government should take the total responsibility if a threat or a life harm occures to venerable athuraliye rathana thero. Mr. Nishantha sri warnasinghe, the secretory of media arrange of the party says that the government's responsibility is to take steps to avoid a situation like this.

The government is taking steps to capture the "sadaham sewana" foreign buddhist centre in rajagiriya gothami road where many priests including rathana thero lives in. He also says that they look at this in a very distrustful manner.

He also mentioned that kotte mayor instigates the people around obesekarapura and the people living in huts in rajagiriya area using his retainers according to the sub-knowledge of government high post holders in a disgusting manner.He also said that some politicians who are in an anger with rathana thero are taking something that belongs to the priests by force by doing this.


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