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Decision Of Mr. Patali Champika Ranawaka To Be Given After The Discussion

The secretory of the jathika hela urumaya party mr.Patali champika ranawaka have said that all the doors between jathika hela urumaya and president mahinda rajapaksha has been closed and that there will be a discussion with the general candidate mr.Maithripala sirisena about three facts during the next two days. He have said these words during the national meeting that was organized by that party on yesterday (27) at the new colombo town hall.

The three facts that he is going to discuss with mr.Maithripala is to take off the executive powers,well administration and the introduction of independent commission assembly, he have also mentioned that the election changes are for the good will of the people and that he will decide which party they will support in the election after the discussion seing if it goes in good way or bad way. He also mentioned that these discussions will be kept only for a very small period of time.

Venerable athuraliye rathana thero who addressed the gathering of this national meeting said that he would surely make president mahinda rajapaksha loose.


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