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Piyumi Hansika Says That She Would Stop Her Work If Her Husband Tell Her To

Piyumi hansamali is an actress that is talked about and that is becoming very popular among people these days. She has said in a recent interview with a news paper that acting is very hard. Because piyumi was a model before she started acting and many people started to know her from the field of modeling. When the question whether she would stop her favorite modeling life because of acting was asked from her she said that she wouldn't take such a decision.

Some how she who came to the acting field by coincidence is married by now. She also has a 4 year old son. Many women get problems while coming to this field from their husbands. Piyumi also had faced this problem. But that was when she was in the field of modeling. She says that the reason for it is that she has to wear very short dresses. Some how her husband had understood about it. Many people gets the problem whether the field of modeling matches a mother as piyumi is already a mother. When it was asked about this from piyumi what she said was that it was a very fault story.That is because she had come to this field from like one year after her child was born. These fields are two busy fields.

The time to think about your family,child and husband becomes very low when working in such a place. But piyumi said that this doesn't become a problem for her as her husband as well as she has a good knowledge about things when she was questioned about this. She has  further mentioned that no matter how much she loves these fields she would stop them if her husband tell her to do so.


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