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Sachithra Is Looking Forward To Compete In The Last Two Matches With England After Getting The Test Results

The sri lankan cricket team spinner sachithra senanayake said to the media that he believes that his tests done in india will be successful and that he will be able to play for the last two matches against england. He had been rebuilding his posture for 5 months as he got complained for breaking the 15 degree regulation.

According to that sachithra had shown up for his second test day before yesterday (23)  in the ramachandra college in chennai,india. He expressed these ideas during an appointment with him about this today. He mentioned that he got lot of support during these days from the sri lankan cricket academy as well as sri lankan practice department.

 He told "did practices with the sri lankan practice department for 5 months. Brother piyal, jeramy and ajith worked a lot with me. Even though names are not said many people from the sri lankan cricket academy were with me."sachithra said that he changed his balling posture and also that he got many good comments from the test holders.

He further told  " did only one or two changes in the balling posture. I was looking forward for this a lot as the last test was kept. I think that this test will be a success. Got good comments from the ones who held the test. I think it will be good if o get to compete in the last two games other than all the games.


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