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Shanudri Feels Ashamed

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Shanudri Feels Ashamed To Say Her New Movie's Name

Some people who has new names sometimes reluct to say the old name in their surname. Some people even change their names by putting to the news paper. Some say the name of the nearest town to theirhome town because the name of their home town is that strange.

 That is because their is a small fear that they will have to be ashamed in front of the others if they say that strange town's name. Shanudri fell in a small trouble that she couldn't get away from during the past day due to a strange name in a movie that she acted in. According to this story when someone asks the number of films that she acted in shanudri always say that it is 2.

 Even though she says the names of these two films very proudly when she's being questioned about the 3rd movie she says " that doesn't have a name yet because it was newly made, i will tell when they give it a name".Shanudri was questioned about this in this same manner during a past day in the hiru tv copy chat program. The name of this movie is "lantini sinyo" and shanudri had hid this name because she was feeling ashamed to say it.

When this was released also what shanudri said with great shame is "oh! What did you do". See what happened to shanudri who was acting like she didn't know the movie's name at the moment from this video itself.


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