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Sumudu Gets Very Angry

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Sumudu Scolds A Person At The Shooting Location

Sumudu prasadini is a star that became popular as a tele drama actress. A tele drama that sumudu is acting on is being telecasted these days. Sumudu has got very angry on a past day while shooting.

That is because of a saying of a person who was in that place. Sumudu told us about this with great sorrow. "i went to the location for shootings that day with my fiance whom i'm going to get married to. I dont normally take him there every day.

 That is because i dont want to make my personal life popular. Some how a persn there asked me who he is. I told he is my fiance. At once he said, you all are actresses. You dont keep the person you have today on tomorrow. You bring different people each day. I could not understand what actually happened at the moment. I dont remember what i told him dueto my anger. I told him one thing to keep in mind. I had this affair for years. You look at his face carefully. I will only come with him tomorrow and for ever. I scolded him saying not to put me in the state of otheractresses. There are people of different characters in the artistic feild. People who think that everyone in the feild is the same will understand that it is not true from this."


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