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Tekla Gets Bitten By A Dog

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Tekla Kumari The Famous Actress Gets Bitten By A Puppy While Trying To Save It

Tekla kumudu kumari is not a new name to the artistic field. She became famous in the artistic field as a very talented actress and a model. We got to know a news about tekla falling in trouble during the past few days due to a dog. We did researches about this. "i normally spend the days that i don't have shootings in my saloon.

 I saw that a monitor was trying to eat a little puppy in a near by ditch to the saloon on that day. I give food to this puppy most of the times. So i went their to save this little puppy. I sent that monitor away with the help of some people that was nearby. The little puppy was shouting out with scare.

Although i took the puppy out of the ditch but it fell into it once again. It bit my hand with scare right as i put my hand to take it out. My middle finger of the left arm was badly injured from that. I took some injections from the hospital afterwards. Some how one of those injections became allergic to me. My whole body was bruised due to this. Now i'm taking medications for that. I learned an unforgettable lesson by trying to help an animal. But i'm really happy to save that little puppies life.


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