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The Boy Sent Free For Rs.50,000 And The Girl Been Sent To The Hospital For Medications

The main magistrate of mathugama mrs. Darshika malima vijeybandara had ordered to free a 16 yera old boy who kept his step-mother's 15 year old daughter as his wife and made her pregnant, with a bail of rs.50,000.

The report given to the court by the officer in charge of the kaluthara children and women's unit mrs.Malka thushari contained that the step-mother's husband had left her and she had started an affair with the suspects father and that the suspects mother had suicides by burning herself.

The pregnant girl said in front of the court that she went to her father's younger brother's house who had three children from his first marriage after her father left her mother and that she was living as husband and wife with the elder son of her father's younger brother.

The police reports contained that the girl has been sent to the kaluthara nagoda hospital for medications and that this family that lived in the dangoda police division had fallen to this state due to their ignorance as well as their helplessness. The police is
doing further investigations on this.


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