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A Student In Galewela Dies By Trying To Act As Suiciding

We reported a news about a student in Galewela - Thalakiriyagama area hanging himself in his house on the last October 4th. The police said that the student has died while trying to act like he was suicide.

The magistrate who did investigations about his death Mr.Jayampathi Rannadiwakara's eye was directed towards the student's laptop which was still on even after his death.

It was suspected that the student might have recorded this death at the moment. Even though they tried to check the laptop at the moment they was unable to do it as there was a password that was put to it. Some how now they have been able to check the data inside it by removing the password.

The way that the student died by hanging himself has been recorded in it and also it has been released to the media by now. Also it has been revealed by police investigations that he had hanged himself while he was alone in the house. The video could be found below.


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