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The Child Was Only 1 Year And 3 Months Old When Dying

A sorrowful news about a child of 1 year and 3 months old dying by falling into a plastic water bucket has been reported from the village of galewela katuwalanda area.

 The child has faced this accident yesterday (05) while he was playing in the living room. At the moment the child's mother was in the kitchen working while two other members were also in the house engaging in their work.

They have found out that the child who was playing in the living room wasn't there and they had found him inside a water bucket  facing to the ground direction behind the house while searching for him. The hospital gossips says that the child was already dead while admitting to the galewela hospital.

The child named i.M.Ahmed had died in this manner. The emergency death inspection was done by the emergency death inspector mr. H.M.T.B.Koswaththa while other inspections are don by the galewela police.


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