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One Pilot Out Of The Two Escapes And The Other Die

The first space craft that was created by the Virgin Galactic company for space travelling was destroyed during a past day while doing a test travel.

The space craft that was taken up to the sky by the mother craft was destroyed while releasing towards the space.

One pilot who was in the craft out of the two escaped with a parachute while the other who was stuck to the seat with the belt couldn't. The reason for the destroyer is suspected to be a problem with the rocket.  Even though the comptroller of the galactic company wanted to release air crafts soon the engineers was saying that more tests should be done so that there were conflicts inside the company which is not a secret.

Therefore many engineers resigned from the company. The company had already given tickets to people who wanted to see the space too. One ticket costed an amount of 2 lakhs and 50 thousand dollars. Conservatives say that things like this are to be expected at the beginning as space travelling is a new thing.  The Virgin Glactic company haven't even
done any speech about this incident.


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