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Mr. Sirirsena Thinks About Going To The Opening Party.

The health minister Mr. Maithripala Sirisena says that power should not be protected or collected but, it should be used on behalf of people.

The minister also said that government workers should be the guardians of the people today (21) when he attended to give the appointment letters to many of the posts in the health sector at the Baththaramulla Folk Art Center.

He mentioned that he who worked as the health minister for 5 years will work hard for the people in future also and ended his speech. A gossip about Mr.Sirisena volunteering as the public candidate of the opening party for the next election has been spreaded these days.

The reporters questioned about this from the minister after the end of the ceremony.

The minister said at the moment that he haven't come to a decision about it yet. A reporter asked at the moment in a tricky way if it means that he was going to take a decision. The minister said answering it to give space for time.


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