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The Prostitute Centre That Was Carried Out Secretly As A Massage Centre In Maradhana Has Been Captured

The police says that the policemans of the criminal and abuse suppressing sector has been able to capture an ayurwedic doctor and a manager and also 3 pretty woman who came for prostitution from a prostitute centre in the Maradhana Darly road that was carried out as an Ayurwedic massage centre from a long time.

The doctor and the manager are residents of Kalpitiya and Galgamuwa respectively and the 3 women are residents of Rathmalana,Uragaha and Udawaduwa respectively who were in the ages of 31 to 33.This capturing had been done after getting a research report from the Maligakanda magistrate council according to a complain got by the criminal and abuse suppressing sector senior police Mr.T. Ganeshanadan by putting the deputy police researcher Mr. Prabhath as a messenger paying Rs.4500 to him. Further researches are being done on this by the police.


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