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Doctors Conclude That The Reason For This Death Is That The Living Environment Of Her Was Not In A Good State

The sorrowful news about a 4 year old small girl dying due to 56 worms being stuck in her small intestine is reported from hanguranketha-hewaheta area. This girl who was living in hewaheta-muloya-garden houses area had been admitted to the rikillagaskada region hospital due to a major pain in her stomach.
Later it was revealed that damage has been done to the child's intestines during investigations done by the doctors. Accordingly the necessary medications for this has been given to the child by the doctors. Somehow the girl died on the day after she was admitted to the hospital.

During the further investigations that were later done by the doctors it was revealed that worms has been stuck inside the child's small intestine which caused her death.Doctors mentioned that worms between 4 and 5 inches had been inside her stomach. Dr. Muditha kudagama said that this situation had come up for this child as the environment she lived in was not in a good state.


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