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Mr. Mahindananda Aluthgama Asks For Rs.500 Million From Mr. Ranjan Ramanayaka

Yesterday (05) the sports minister mr.Mahindananda aluthgama said to the "diwaina" news paper that he was going to sign caurt cases against mr.Ranjan ramanayaka asking for rs.500 millions because according to him mr.Ranjan was the one who called to the derana "wadapitiya" program and said insulting things to him.

He says that he is doing this because mr. Ranjan ramanayaka called to the "wadapitiya" program from his mobile and insulted him by changing his voice.Mr. Mahindananda got angry and went out with minister ramesh pathirana who was joining the program while the program was telecasting because derana didn't work on stopping a person named sunil who talked in an insulting manner after calling the program from mathara.

 He had later gone to the mirihana police and complained about this at about 12.30 a.M. He also said that it was confirmed that this call was given by mr.Ranjan ramanayaka during those investigations.


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