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I Believe That I Am Still The Supreme Judge Of This Country

Yesterday (17) the former judge Mrs. Shriyani Bandaranayaka said that she was not supporting for any party because it is not suitable for a person who worked as a judge to come into politics.

She said this to the media while going out of the court after showing up for the lawsuit about for the complain got by the supreme judge for not showing the real properties.I did my maximum service to the country during the 30 years of my work.The post of me who worked like that was stolen.

I still believe that I am the official supreme judge of this country. Also I believe that I will get my rights. I will not come forward for politics or to help any party or candidate. Its not suitable for me who worked as the supreme judge to involve in politics. It is not ethical.For today also I say that the rules of this country should be done properly.She answered in this manner when the media asked to whom she was going to help during the election.


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