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Two People Had To Carry Kishani Away Because Of Leaches

Girls are very afraid of leechs. What they do when ever they see one is shout so that the whole village would hear. In this way an actress that we all know also faced an amazing situation during a past day in the middle of a tea estate.

That is a leach coming and hanging on to her. She also like all the other girls have started to shout at the middle of the tea estate. That is during a shooting. When all the others had gone there and looked in a hurry there only have been a small leach. But the most amazing part has happened next, two people had to come and carry her to take her away from there because of leaches itself. We got to know about this incident during the hiru tv copy chat program which was telecasted during the past week. The person that had to face this situation is kishani alanki that we all know. Watch the video in which kishani explains what actually happened on that day in a very interesting way.



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