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The President Says That He Will Work For The Future Of This Country By Protecting The Children

The president Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksha says that the people in this country got hopes about the future of the country because of the present government with end of the L.T.T.E. attacks that was carried out for 3 decades.

The president said that he will make the desires of the people come true and that he will make a better life for the people in the country. He said these words during a discussion with some pre school teachers at the Araliyagaha Mansion yesterday afternoon. The president who showed that the children are the most valuable gift in  this world also mentioned that this valuable gift should be protected for the future of the country.

The president who told that the children must be sent in the right direction and that the future of children depends on the pre school education also showed that the pre school teachers should work hard to put a strong foundation for this purpose.

He also reminded that the government is working on making the pre school teaching force strong by giving an appropriate value for their service and that the present government was the government that introduced the national principal of developing the childhood for the first time in this country.


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