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Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe Complains Towards Mr. Thissa Aththanayaka.

The cid has done a 2 hours questioning to mr. Thissa aththanyaka the former secretory genaral of the unp in his house and recorded information about the announcement he did about mr.Ranil
Wickramasinghe and mr.Maithripala sirisena having a secret agreement.

The senior police officer mr. Ajith rohana said that the cid went to mr. Aththanayaka's house in colombo at about 10 a.M and did the questioning.

The media reporter said that the cid will take the help of the government analysts for further investigations on the complain that was done by mr. Ranil wickramasinghe saying that the particular announcement done by mr. Aththanayaka is an incorrect one.


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