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Vegetables And Fruits Are Being Imported To This Agricultural Country Now

The common candidate mr.Maithripala sirisena says that even though they say that they built the country what the present government has really done is taking the country backwards.He said this at a rally that was held in thangalla yesterday. Destroyed all the traditional industries of this country.

Destroyed the agriculture and the fishery industries in this country. All of you as a country know that this country is an agricultural country. Not only paddy but how many vegetables and fruits are being exported from this agricultural country? Today they import fruits and vegetables from other countries.
This government did not start any industries during the 10 years of their power as traditional industries. Today also there are some rallies that mr. Maithripala is contributing in. That is in areas such as madakalapuwa,kinya,kanthale, anuradhapura and dambulla.


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