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Investigations On The Dead Body Are Being Carried Out By The Gampaha Police

A dead body of a 13 year old student of a famous school in gamapaha that was missing for missing for two days has been found on day before yesterday (25) evening in a well near to her house in gampaha kos ovita area. The student named r.A.Lakshmi kavindya who was a resident in no.104 kos ovita gampaha area had died in this manner.
The body has been taken to the gampaha main hospital for investigations to check what kind of death this is even though it is believed that this was a death by handing as a nylon thread was found wrapped around her neck when the dead body was taken out.  It is covenant to do the death investigations on the 26th.

The girl who died has 2 more brothers while she was living in her house in kos ovita with her parents. The investigations are done by police constable mr. Munasinghe 51052 under the advice's of the police investigator mr. Bhadraji kalinga bandara of the gampaha head quarters.


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