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The Reason For The Death Seems To Be The Severe Damages In The Body From The Fire

4 soldiers who traveled in the airplane that met an accident in athurugiriya hokandara area during a past day died bringing tears to many sri lankan's eyes while one soldier was admitted to hospital with severe damage.

There the doctors cut off both his legs and an arm in order to save his life. His father said to the media that he is very thankful for the athurugiriya people who saved his only child's life and that he is planning to meet them and thank them for their help. Some how vanishing all those hopes it reports that this soldier who saved his life from the accident named namal chathuranga is dead by now.

Doctors say that the reason for the death of him who was taking medications at the I.C.U. Unit of the colombo hospital might be the severe damages in the soldiers body that occurred from the fire.


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