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The Fiance Had Run Away While The School Girl Has Been Channeled To The Mawanella Hospital By The Police

The Aranayaka police had found out the 13 year old school girl who went missing while studying on the last 2nd in Aranayaka Welimanna area from a house in Duldeniya area on the day before yesterday (03).

It says that this girl had stayed up until around 1.00 a.m. pretending to be studying and then she had run away with her fiance after sending him a message through the mobile phone telling him to come and take her. A young man of 22 years old who was suspected for kidnapping her had run away without being caught to the police.

The police is carrying out investigations to capture this person while the school girl who was taken under police custody has been chanelled to the Mawanella main hospital. Further investigations regarding this case are being carried out by the police.


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