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More Investigations Being Carried Out On The Kolonnawa Shooting

The wellampitiya police has started a special investigation for an incident of some people coming from 3 jeeps to the kolonnawa,umagiliya ground and shooting the stage at yesterday (24) dawn that was being decorated at the time for a rally where mr. Maithripala sirisena was to contribute in.This has been done while police officers were also kept for the security of the rally.

The police also mentioned that the people inside these 3 jeeps who came near the umagiliya grounds at around 12.35 a.M. Had done this shooting. After the investigations 17 hollow bullets of t 56 guns have been found. A higher police officer said to rivira that no harm has been done to anyone by this shooting and that they will be checking c.C.T.V. Cameras that were in the direction where the jeeps has traveled in. He also said that an investigation will also be done on the police officers that were put for the security of that place at the moment.

 A police investigator and a police officer of the wellampitiya police has been fired from their jobs at once due to the complain of not providing proper security to this place. Two policeman that was in the night shift has been fired in this manner. The two officers, deputy police investigator mr. Priyankara thennakoon and the police costable mr.Gunawardhana (2299) have been fired in this manner.


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